The Spire (Newsletter)


The Spire

Newsletter of First Presbyterian Church of Garner

Letter from the Pastor

Beginning Lent…
At a recent meeting with other church leaders in our area, a member of the group shared, as a devotion, this poem by Sara Brown Cordery:

Bow us down, Lord, bow us down—Until every part is free ;
Filled with the humbling Power of Thee.
Bend us Down Lord, Bend us down—Until we see In all Your creation Your everlasting majesty.
Kneel us down, Lord, Kneel us down—Until we behold Your image
In the faces of children of every parentage.
Hold us Down lord, Hold us down—Until our hearts burn With Your kinship
With the poor, the oppressed. The hungry, the homeless.
Then—Raise us up Lord, Raise us up—High enough that we may view
Our plan of work Designed by You
Then—Stretch us Out Lord, stretch us out—Until every fiber, Every nerve,
Trembles With the desire to serve
Then—From our being bowed, From Our being bent. From our being kneeled, held;
From our being raised up again;
Empower us, Lord, We pray. With Strength, with Courage,
With wisdom, love, humility,
To discharge with joy the tasks assigned by Thee. Amen.

I share this poem because in my opinion it is beautiful—and we often all need more exposure to beautiful things that enrich and enliven our souls. But I share it also because I believe this poem captures the essence of the season of Lent, the first Sunday of which happens to be March 1st.
Lent is a time where, like Jesus walking to the cross, he feels bowed and bent, broken and yet still held in the embrace of a God of great love. And so 3 days later, this same God raises, stretches, and empowers Christ—and all who follow him to live anew with joy and wonder.
May that rhythm be part of our daily living these next 40 days as we worship, study, pray, give and care for ourselves and others, as we walk with Jesus to the cross and to the new life that lies beyond.

The Lord Bless and Keep You


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