The Spire (Newsletter)


The Spire

Newsletter of First Presbyterian Church of Garner

Letter from the Pastor


Dear Church,

At press time for the Spire, we did not have a full list of those who will serve on the Congregational Officer Nominating Committee, but during September those whom God has called and whom we will elect will begin the hard work of discerning who will next serve FPCoG as Deacons and Elders. The task is always imposing, but is perhaps even more intimidating this year given the disorienting nature of living in a pandemic.

That’s why we give thanks, that we Presbyterians have always envisioned ministry as a multilayered partnership. First and foremost our partnership is with God. It is, after all, God who calls and beckons, who shows us the way we are to go, who equips us to do the things God asks us to do. But that partnership is also with each other—not just those within a given committee or team, but with each member, friend, and guest of our congregation.

In regards to the Nominating Committee, we will exercise that partnership through our recommendations of people to serve, as well as through our prayers, our encouragement, and our own openness to consider taking on the role of Deacon or Elder should that opportunity arise.

The collaborative nature of this work is part of why our Sunday worship series in September is on “Calling.” The idea behind the series is to remind us that each of us has a calling from God and a responsibility to use that calling to live the good news of Jesus Christ for the sake of the world.

This does not mean we have to say “Yes” to every opportunity, however. But it does mean we must consider every opportunities intentionally, thoughtfully, prayerfully. We must ask ourselves, “How can I use my gifts to serve?”

For the church, that might mean considering service as an Elder or Deacon. Or it could mean taking time to serve actively with Elders and Deacons on a ministry team that suits your gifts. It could mean committing to some new spiritual practice or sharing your input and insight when called upon. Fulfilling any church related call will certainly require balancing similar calls and commitments you already have—with family, work, and other causes about which you are passionate.

If we do that discernment well, it may mean we have to say “No” to certain possibilities, so that we can say “Yes” more fully to others.

So be open my friends. Consider all the possibilities. Remember that God has given you gifts to use in a variety of ways. Trust that God will equip you in ways you can hardly imagine to do the work God asks us to do: work of love, peace, and faith, and hope. For our church and for the world.

May it be so this season and in all seasons to come.

The Lord Bless and Keep You,


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