The Spire (Newsletter)


The Spire

Newsletter of First Presbyterian Church of Garner

Letter from the Pastor


Dear Church,
As of this writing, 53 people have responded to our Co-Vid19 survey; 4 by mailing a hard copy of the survey to the church office, with the other 49 coming from responses to the on-line form.
Thanks be to God for you providing feedback that can continue to help guide us as we move forward in this time. Your insight and feedback are valuable, a needed piece of our discernment as we identify needs among us and beyond us in the community and discern what God is calling us to do in response.
What follows are some highlights of the survey as well as a few pastoral observations of my own. If you would like to see responses in full, contact the church office to get the on-line link. We will also endeavor to get the results printed and made available in the church office.
One initial observation: much of what has felt “missing” (particularly opportunities for fellowship and mission) are also items your Session and Deacons have been working on addressing. In this edition of The Spire, you’ll see some opportunities in these areas. As with a lot of “solutions” to the difficulty of these days, no one of them is likely to be 100% satisfactory, but I pray that these opportunities will speak to our church family in some small way.
If you have not had time yet to share your response, please do so. If you need further information on how to do that, again contact the church office and we’ll make sure you get what you need to make your voice heard.

The Lord Bless and Keep You,

To read The Spire in it’s entirety please click on the following link: November Spire 2020