Prayer Shawl Ministry

In 2008 a group of dedicated women who, with love in their hearts and with hands that could knit or crochet, began the Prayer Shawl Ministry. These shawls are given to church members, immediate family members or friends who are either ill, encountering tough times, or having significant events to celebrate.

Since the ministry began, almost 200 shawls have been presented. Each shawl is presented with a card and a personalized tag tied to the shawl. The shawls have become an important mission for the church.

Anyone can submit a name to receive a shawl. In addition, one of the members notes the names mentioned in prayer during church services and asks if that person could use a prayer shawl.

Some shawl recipients write thank you notes and even make donations, which are used to buy yarn. The most touching comments have been from cancer patients, who have said the shawl is wonderful during chemo treatments. They get cold during the treatment and the shawl provides warmth and prayers during such difficult times.

The ministry meets once a month after church to exchange ideas and help with problem patterns or trouble in making a particular shawl. Each year a Prayer Shawl kickoff luncheon is held to exchange patterns and recruit people to make shawls.

For those who want to participate and cannot knit or crochet, two members teach knitting, crocheting, and the use of the Nifty Knitters. If someone really does not want to make shawls but wants to participate, they can donate money to the yarn fund.

For more information or to present a name to receive a shawl, go to Contact Us and send an email with “Prayer Shawl Ministry” in the subject line.

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