Shepherd Groups

Shepherd Groups are a vehicle for ministry and service to the entire church.  Each member of the Board of Deacons is assigned to care for a Shepherd Group and each member of the congregation is assigned to a Shepherd Group.

The Deacon, along with the pastor, serves as the member’s primary contact with the church for information and pastoral care.  Through personal contact between the Deacon and the member develop a relationship that will serve the member in times of celebration and in times of sadness or illness.

Information regarding the life of the church and significant events are passed along to the Shepherd Group members by their Deacons.  When a member has a concern or need, the Deacon will attempt to help or pass the need or concern to those who can help … with due concern for the need for confidentiality when appropriate.

For more information about Shepherd Groups, go to Contact Us and send an email with “Shepherd Group” in the subject line.

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